Udi Brill 


Udi, a fighter and instructor of the unit with a remarkable personality, died during a trek in New Zealand on March 9th, 2016 while on his honey moon.

These are things that were said during the ceremony by the operational reserve platoon commander, Major Amir:

"I knew Udi for over a decade. First while on his training, later as a fighter and instructor on active and reserve duty. Udi was an opinionated person with strong character. Even when I didn't agree with him, I always loved and appreciated him. Udi's untimely death is a great loss to us, his friends and brothers-in-arm. Udi was a professional and an experienced fighter with the operational teams and I trusted that should his team will be involved in a life threatening situation, Udi would be amongst the fighters that would bravely lead under fire while remaining cool, as expected. I remember well the morning of the 9.3.16. I remember the hours between receiving the awful news and passing it on to the rest of the platoon. I crossed information sources, trying to figure out if there was hope for a mistake. I was hoping that postponing the passing of the message would somehow change the bitter reality. Alas, when there was no choice left, I wrote to the platoon the following:

"With a heavy heart it is that I inform you that our friend, Udi Brill, was killed in an accident during trekking in New Zealand while staying there with his wife on their honey moon.

Udi graduated in 2004's team Itamar and was a fighter in team Levy with the operational reserve teams. As time passes, the statistics on the roads, battles, maladies and the rest of the troubles in life doesn't skip any group of people, even a group of young, healthy people who feel invincible. Despite this understanding, the strike to whomever of us that knew Udi for so many years is shocking, difficult and very painful."

The LOTAR association cherishes Udi's memory and braces his family.

One of the association's important rolls is to commemorate the fallen. The association will continue to act in order to remember Udi who was an inseparable part of our family.


The association is an NPO which is mostly based on donations and financial aid from its friends in Israel and around the world. Please help us continue our support to the unit and its veterans and thus serving the entire Israeli society and preserving the strength of the IDF.

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