The Unit

The LOTAR unit (aka The IDF Counter-Terror Academy) is responsible for the qualification and training of combat personnel in the fields of Counter-Terrorism, marksmanship and sniping.
The unit is exclusively responsible for the instruction and development of combat techniques as well as taking an active part in the military operational front. 

The unit was founded in 1974 as part of a learning process from previous terror attacks and has surpassed since, until in 2003 was united with the sniping and marksmanship sections under the same roof to create a single body for all the related specialties.


In the unit there exists an inner, unique training program that qualifies combat personnel and instructors as one in specific counter terrorism professions. At the end of the training program, the graduates are split into sections for handling specific specialties such as CT warfare, breaching, CT sniping and altitude warfare.

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